July 16, 2010

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Some of our chickens ¬†fell prey to the raccoons of Mt. Washington. Mael found the chickens pecking at the head of one of the chickens the raccoon got to the night before. We tried to put wood siding on the chicken coop so the raccoons would have a harder time getting to the chickens in the night…But, a day or two later three headless chickens were found in the chicken coop, from the night before. Apparently the raccoons were reaching in and ripping the heads off when the wide chicken bodies wouldn’t fit through the fencing holes. Another coop has been moved in and we’ve covered the fencing with tarp…Hopefully this will help with the chicken problem, however, the raccoons have moved onto the pig feed (we’ve recently added a door to their food, so it can be locked up when the pigs are sleeping). Recently, after putting the chickens away we heard three raccoons squabbling so we sent Justin’s dog maggie to scare them up into the trees…and after a long night of hide and seek with a flashlight, Justin’s dad shot them. Obviously these two raccoons aren’t the end of our problem, especially considering while we were hunting down the two that we could see, we heard another squabbling group of raccoons approaching. We’ll have to stay vigilant.


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