Most days I listen to American Public Radio’s broadcast of Marketplace and I find it really frustrating (not strong enough) when they relay Government messages regarding how jobs are being created.  The story is there are some new jobs being created in a few sectors but there are just not enough jobs to go around, we’ve lost our manufacturing base, we’re not competitive, they go on and on about why we don’t have jobs, finishing almost always in recent years by a proposed tax cut for large business.  This is aggravating because what they are not saying is that there are countless jobs and opportunities to be taken and created in food production.  We need Farmers!  The average farmer is 58 years old in the United States and they make up less than 1 percent of the population, you even have to write it in as an occupation on government forms because it doesn’t employ enough people to be important enough to list it.  We lost site of our connection with the food that nourishes us and makes life possible.  We need food Artisans! We lose more and more farm land every year to development, while fewer and fewer companies/farms supply our basic needs.  Without food we would not exist thus the less farmers we have the more our existence is threatened.  it seems simple but then look around, how many items are produced in your town that you consume, what kind of local food economy/security do you have?  I can bet its looking rough.  If your interested in becoming a holistic farmer and have any questions about how to start?  How to find land etc? Please don’t hesitate to ask.  Farming is not easy but it sure is rewarding.  The most important thing to know is that everyone could have a place in farming/food production.