CCF Canning Workshop

September 16, 2011


Canning Workshop


Amidst a hum of cafe traffic and indie-pop muzak at the local Great Barrington Co-op supermarket, Mael and Freed Man introduced a group of bright and enthusiastic students (young and old) to the world of Home Canning. After a brief introduction to the theortical treatises of Canning, including a discussion of how canning helps us to eat delcious, home-grown, natural food all year, and safe canning practices that keep hazardous molds, fungus, and bacteria from spoiling or poisioning our food, the students broke out the plastic lettuce knives and chopped up peaches for a batch of home-made jam, and cored tomatoes for a big pot of home-made tomato sauce (recipes available!). Together as one, the entire class (teachers included) practiced their home-canning skills, filling their jars with the sweet, all-natural goodness of hand-crafted peach jam, learning the intricacies and subtleties of the process the best way there is to learn: by doing! By the end of the workshop, the teachers and students had transcended the giver/receiver relationship and were engaging in a mutually-enriching exchange of experience and information. A true joy for everyone involved; Certainly not the last time the CCFarmers will participate in workshops at the Co-Op!



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