September 16, 2011

Roofed the hell out of the farm stand today. Something about being 20 feet up in the air on your own structure, like you were on a rock outcropping, but lifted by your own will – where there’s a will, there’s a way, so they say. Yeah, it’s scary – like Zadoc says, roofing takes just the right mix of awareness and intelligence to be careful, but enough craziness to be willing to do it in the first place – but it’s also exhilirating. And there’s no feeling quite like looking at what you’ve done and saying, “Wow.” Beauty pouring out of your own heart, your own mind, through your hands, and spilling forth into the universe, into your life, building something that can hold you, shelter you, lift you, a sensation that defies description – feeling it is all there is. And putting the roof on your structure is really a big step towards that transformation from a frame to a shelter; from an object to a home; from an idea to a reality.

A lot of our projects at CCF follow the same trajectory as this Farm Stand project: we start by identifying something we want to do, often something that none of us have ever done before. Then, we decide that we’ll figure out how to do it. Then, we do it. Finally, we look back on the journey, often a long and intense and sweaty one, and take a deep breath, and celebrate, knowing that we are, for better or for worse, one experience richer. We started the roofing project without knowing a thing about corrugated metal roofing; we ended with one beautiful farmstand, a lot shadier than before.


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