Fall is Keeping Us Busy

November 23, 2011

We’re keeping warm with our farmer-made (under the direction community members Will Levin  and Michele Hatchette) cobb-oven on Route 7, and we’re hoping to bake next seasons pizzas in our new oven with the winter wheat, winter rye and five different varieties of garlic that we’ve just planted. We’re harvesting the last of the brussel sprouts, which you can find along with our squash, homemade bread and canned goods at the Fall and Winter markets. We’ve also had the pleasure of working cooperatively with farmer, Sean Stanton, using his mobile processing equipment and the farmers of Moon in the Pond  to offer free-range-organically-fed turkeys, ducks and chickens. Taking full advantage of autumn’s gifts we’re collecting and accepting leaves to add to our compost piles, in an effort to amend and build the soil, at our Route 7 site. Soon we’ll be offering pork-shares and start consulting for food-shares! Stay tuned 🙂