What We Are Doing.

CCF is located in Sheffield, Mt. Washington and New Marlborough. Honoring the Commons through unique relationships with private land owners to use and acquire land, the worker-owners of CCF grow, preserve, eat and sell chemical-free, heirloom and non-hybrid varieties of vegetables, fruits, grains, wild edibles, eggs and pasture raised meats. Rooted in a passsion for social and environmental justice, we are driven to build a stronger local food economy and a better future. The farm was started in May 2010, and is now represented by nine worker-owners.

We are committed to fostering and supporting community, sustainability, education, (ideals of) sufficiency, permanent agriculture, living with the patterns of nature, spirituality, creativity and ancestry, while working to deconstruct interlocking systems of domination that deny all of us (some more than others)  these rights on a daily basis.  In this light, we are committed to addressing issues of Race, Gender, and Class that continue to be ignored.  In order for us to effectively address these issues we have chosen to emphasize the importance and value of agricultural production. Wholesome and nourishing food grows strong communities and fosters the healthy social relationships and partnerships we seek to form. Such bonds between food and humans alike encourage us to strive for a better future for our local community and the world.  One small step by each one of us will carry us beyond the domains of even our utmost expectations. We believe that respect for the earth and each other make the foundations of a healthy community. Growing our own food enables us to better care for our soils, our families, and our planet’s well being.

How We Work.

Through cooperation with community members our farm will operate small “Farm Sites” in Sheffield and Mt. Washington.  Farms sites are a commitment made by a private land owner to allow our organization to use a portion of their land for agricultural production.  The partnership is an agreement to support the creation of a local food culture.  In exchange participating community members will receive free produce and all the benefits the Farm can offer.  Through, this unique model of agriculture, based on strong community connections and a sharing of land and labor, the Community Farm Cooperative, endeavors to strengthen our community’s ties to the land, support agrarian education and ecological literacy, and carefully steward the land on which we farm and live.  We hope to foster a network of ecologically minded farmers and community members working together to create a unique and vibrant food culture


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