A core goal of the CCF community is to be completely self-sufficient. We believe that to feed yourself is to free yourself, and that starts with growing and raising all of our own food. During the Summer and Fall seasons this is very possible, with ample sunlight and warmth to grow produce. During the Winter and Spring the story is not the same. Below zero temperatures, snow and minimal sunlight make natural growing practices mostly impossible. Therefore we must grow enough, and process enough to homestead throughout the winter and spring seasons.

Homesteading at Community Cooperative Farms means canning/freezing and processing vegetables and fruits using traditional as well as lacto-fermentation methods, butchering and curing meats, gathering nuts, seeds and berries, tincturing medicinal herbs, and storing grain among other practices.

Beyond being self-sufficient within CCF we strive to continue to feed our broader community during the off growing seasons. So far this year we have canned several hundred jars of fruits and vegetables in an ongoing effort to stockpile food for ourselves, our members, and our extended local community.

If you are interested in being a part of this process you can contribute in several ways!

Volunteering in the kitchen, donating jars and other processing equipment, Giving us extra food to store or process, or buying our Homesteads to continue funding the project.

Contact us to get involved! comm.farming@gmail.com


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